RSVP Slip-on POUR SPOUT Silicone for Bowls Pans & Jars Easy Pour Dishwasher Safe

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Direct the pour of wet or dry ingredients more accurately when you attach the RSVP Slip-On Pour Spout onto any thin-lipped mixing bowl, pot, pan or jar. The wide lip and narrow spout will make many tasks easier. Made from dishwasher safe heat resistant silicone to 480 degrees.

Product Features

  • Constructed from easy to clean, heat-resistant silicone that is safe at temperatures up to 480?F
  • Attaches to the side of any thin-lipped mixing bowl, jar, pot, or pan
  • Helps you control the volume and pace of your pour and eliminates messes from spilled batter and dry mixes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Assorted colors
  • UPC: 053796403807